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Dr. Khurshid Alam one of the Best ENT Specialist in Lahore. Lahore has one of the best ENT specialist in Pakistan. Dr. Khurshid Alam has worked abroad for nearly 13 years. He has worked in Ireland for 10 years and in Australia for 3 years. He decided to come back to Pakistan in 2003 to serve and provide his expertise in Pakistan. In 2003 there were very few ENT surgeons doing Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, as it was a recent advance in science. Dr. Khurshid Alam started Endoscopic Sinus Surgery in Doctors Hospital and Medical Centre, Lahore in July 2003.

Why to Choose Best ENT Specialist in Lahore

Lahore is one of the most versatile city in Pakistan. There are many best ENT Specialist in Lahore working in this city. ENT specialty is very dependent on specialized equipment which are very expensive and delicate. Dr. Khurshid Alam bought his own equipment like endoscopes, microscopes, endocameras, etc to provide the best care to his patient and best ENT specialist in Lahore. Although he is working privately but he has provided the services to the poor and non-affording patient with the same care as any patients.

How Much Cost of ENT Surgery  Best ENT Specialist in Lahore

Cost of surgery depends on the extent of disease and the type of surgeries.

Medical Tourism For ENT Surgery Specialist in Lahore Pakistan

In comparison to cost of surgeries abroad , Pakistan is far less expensive with the same expertise and standards.

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We welcome people who do not have insurance in middle east and Europe etc .. to contact us and we can arrange a reasonable package .

What Are Voice Problems and Their Treatment Best ENT Specialist in Lahore

Dr. Khurshid Alam started voice clinic in 2015. He developed interest in voice as there was no one before providing this service in Pakistan. Conditions like Spasmodic Dysphonia is common in the world and unfortunately most of the patients suffering from this conditions are still been diagnosed as psychiatric patients. Treatment for this condition currently is injecting Botox in the vocal folds with very good results.

Dr. Khurshid Alam is treating spasmodic dysphonia, vocal fold palsy, assessment of swallow, dysphagia management and many other voice conditions. Many professional singers are being treated by him, as there is no other service in Pakistan to treat the voice problems for them.

ENT Surgeries in Lahore Pakistan


Grommets: This surgery is done for glue ears which are very common in children’s. Usually children’s present with delayed speech, recurrent pain in ears or decrease in hearing.  It is also common in Adults with hearing loss or recurrent otalgia.

In Adults this surgery can be done in a out-patient under Local Anesthesia. In children’s  it is done under General Anesthesia. It is a very simple surgery with great benefits.

Precautions: the grommets tubes come out themselves after average of 9 months. It is important to waterproof the ears till the tubes are extruded.

Tympanoplasty: This surgery is the repair of the ear drum perforation and in some cases repair or insertion of prosthesis if the ossciles in the middle ear is eroded. This surgery is done under General anesthesia. In  most of the cases bone behind the ear drum is drilled and opened to see if there is any disease.

Common indications for the surgeries are

1) If you are getting recurrent ear infections

 2) If you want to swim.

3) If there is conductive hearing loss

Mastoidectomy: This surgery is done when there is cholesteatoma ( meaning skin in a wrong place) in the ear. This cholesteatoma if not removed can cause serious complication, like can cause meningitis, brain abscess, vertigo etc.

In this surgery the ear bone is drilled and disease removed from the mastoid bone and the middle ear. If possible the ossciles are tried to preserve, but if diseased then they have to be removed. The rationale of this surgery is to make the ear safe, and get the patient out of danger. Most of the time patients will have hearing loss.

It takes up to 3 months for the complete healing after the surgery.


Septoplasty: This surgery is done if you have a deviated Nasal septum. This surgery is done as day case, meaning you will come in the morning and discharged in the evening.

This surgery includes incision from inside the nose and then correcting the deviated septum.  Sometimes Partial inferior turbinectomy is done with it to reduce the size of the turbinates. Splints are kept inside the nose and removed after one week.

Septorhinoplasty: This surgery is done to improve the shape of your nose and also improve how you breathe through your nose. This surgery is done after a detailed discussion with the patient. Patient will tell us the concern and the surgeon will try to correct the shape accordingly.

This surgery is done by giving an incision externally and also done without the incision. It depends on the severity of the case. Tip of the nose, dorsum of the nose and shape of the nasal bones are corrected with correction of the septum. In most cases graft is taken from the septum or from the ear to reconstruct the nose.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery in Lahore:

We have 4 pairs of sinuses in our face which are air filled spaces. When maximum medical treatment fails to treat the disease like chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps, fungus, etc. then surgery is recommended.

Endoscopic Sinus surgery is a surgery which requires lot of skill and should be only done by experienced surgeons. This surgery is done very close to the eyes and brain and is a very sensitive surgery. In a skilled hands it is a very rewarding surgery. This surgery is mostly done in the morning and the patient is discharged in the evening. In some cases we have to admit the patient for overnight.

This surgery is done with the endoscope and micro-debrider . The aim is to remove the disease completely and after surgery the steroids can be delivered easily.

Repair Of Septal Perforation

This surgery is also performed by most of the best ENT surgeon in Lahore. This surgery is done with the endoscope and a flap is prepared inside the nose to close the perforation of the Septal perforation.

Mua Of The Nose: This means correcting the shape of the nose after trauma.  When there is trauma to the nose it is important to get it checked by the Best ENT Doctor in Lahore. It is important to exclude septal hematoma ( meaning collection of blood in the septum) . Septal hematoma is an emergency and should be drained in the first 24 hours of the trauma. If delayed you can end up with depression of the nose( or your nose will fall).

The shape of the nose is reassessed one week after the surgery. If the shape of the nose is crooked then it should be corrected in the first 7 to 10 days after trauma.

Enodscopic Management Of Nose Bleed In Lahore Pakistan

In most of the patients the nose bleed can be managed by packing the nose under Local anesthesia. in some circumstance where it cannot be controlled then they have to be taken to the operation theatre. Under General Anesthesia they can be managed by endoscopic surgery by the Best ENT Specialist in Lahore. Previously these bleedings were controlled by giving incision on the medial side of the eyes. Now the best ENT surgeons in the world are trained to control it by endoscopic surgery. 

Endoscopic Repair of CSF Leakage Treatment In Lahore

This surgery is done when the patients have leakage of fluid from the brain. Patients present with leakage of the clear fluid from the nose when they bent forward. CT Cisternogram or MRI T2 weighted is done to find the site of leakage. This is repaired under General Anesthesia without giving any cut to the patients. This surgery is done from the nose and fat is taken from the ear lobule or thigh to plug the leakage site of the nose with the endoscope. Previously this surgery was done by the Neurosurgeons by giving a large cut on the head and exposing the brain. Loss of smell and scar was the big disadvantage by this open technique. Now Best ENT specialist in Lahore are repairing this leakage with endoscope and one night stay in the hospital. So there is no loss of smell or a scar on the face if done endoscopically.


Tonsillectomy: This used to be a very common surgery in ENT. But now since we know that most of the sore throats are because of bad life style and bad diet, it has come less common.

This surgery includes coming in the morning and going home at night. It is important that after surgery patient is started on solid diet as soon as possible. Or otherwise the healing is slow. It takes 7 to 10 days for complete recovery. Most of the time in children it is associated with Adenoidectomy( which means removing tissues from behind the nose)

Most of the time this surgery is done for snoring and apnoea  in children’s.

Thyroidectomy: This surgery includes removal of one lobe or both lobes of thyroid gland. It is a very technical surgery which requires preservation of the nerve which produces voice. This surgery requires two night stay in hospital.

Microlaryngoscopy: This surgery involves removal of the lesion from the vocal folds or voice box. This procedure is done as a day case and does not involve any incision or cut, since it is done through the mouth.

Tracheostomy: This surgery is done as an emergency or as an elective in patients who are on long term ventilator. This surgery means putting a tube in the airway through the neck.

Oesophagoscopy: This surgery is done mostly for the removal of the Foreign Body from the food pipe. Patients coming with bone or bolus of meat stuck in the throat have to taken to theatre and Oesophagoscopy is done.

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